How It Works ....

Q: Is there a minimum order?
A. No. No need to wait for a bag full of dirty clothes. Any amount is fine.

Q: What do I put my clothes in?
A. We will provide you with a Delivery Bag.

Q: Do I have to be there when the pick up and delivery is made?
A. No.Will provide service to your pre-determined location.

Q: When will my clothes be picked up and dropped off?
A. Upon sign up, Your clothes should be ready next day.

Q: What about Holidays?
A. We will inform you about schedule changes for pick up and delivery
during holiday weeks.

Q: What do I do with all my extra hangers?
A. If you would like to recycle your hangers, we will provide you with a
hanger recycle caddy.

Q: What do I do about a special request?
A. Just leave a detailed note in your bag with your request. Please identify
the specific garment along with your special instructions.

Q: What do I do if I have a problem when I get my clothes back?
A. For prompt assistance, call (see your receipt for the direct number) or
click here to email us directly

Q: Do you do alterations?
A. Yes. For alterations, pin the instructions to the garment that needs alterations.
Return times can vary depending on the complexity of the alteration.

Q: How do I pay for the service?
A. Your cleaning will be charged directly to your credit card.